Handmade Original Venetian Masks

Venezia Maschere is a brand of La Gioia ®, that realize handmade Venetian Masks since 1970 following the tradition and the passion of the ancient times

50 years of history of our Venice Mask Shop

From the idea to the final product, an artisanal process to achieve the best quality for our handmade Venetian masks

La Gioia ® was originally founded in 1970 as a workshop aiming to produce and sale some of the typical Venetian souvenirs. At the very beginning, the workshop dealt with both the production of masks as well as the sale of glass and onyx items, fabrics and small objects. Soon afterwards though, the strong passion for craftsmanship and the manual skills got the upper hand over the marketing aspect and the company started focusing more and more on the handmade production of ceramic and papier-mache Venetian masks.

This way the first ideas and the first masks started being developed and created, marking a turning point for the mask-producers at that time and laying the foundations for a new direction to take; along the production of the traditional mask types, new ones, more complex and colorful are being offered.

Logo La Gioia - Venetian Masks

The results of half a century of mastery in the making of Venetian Masks

The techniques involving the making and the decoration of the masks themselves are being refined, with applications and more detailed finishing touches and qualitatively improved materials, so that the mask can last longer. Particular care is put on what is the basis of our work, that is the drawings of shapes and moulds; everything is being created, taken care of and followed in every small detail, resulting in the realization of unique and original models.

The ability gained in many years of experience, to harmoniously blend the traditional working and decoration techniques with nowadays multiple capacities given by modern products, colours and fabrics which we have been developing in over forty years of experience allows us to create unique master pieces characterized by superior quality and meanwhile maintaining the traditional manual work techniques that these products require.

Venetian Mask handmade by Venezia Maschere

How are Venetian Masks made?

We harmoniously blend the traditional artisanal process with modern materials, colours and fabrics

Paper, ceramic, leather, metal are only a few of the materials we use to produce our masks. Papier-mache is being made by placing by hand some strips of paper imbued with water and glue in a plaster mould. This used to be the long and laborious method of the past times and still remains today, whereas leather and metal instead are relatively new in the production of masks introduced to match innovation with tradition, in fact everything is rigorously still worked and painted by hand, one piece at a time.

Just this type of work means that each mask is different from the other, even if similar, making that piece a Unique Piece. This is the direction we try to go, we constantly try to combine the tradition with innovation and quality.

Our fabrics and trimmings are always among the most refined and valuable ones; all our “appliques”, such as the masks made of metal or “macramé” are our exclusive creations.

The masks with feathers, the most copied ones, the gold leaf, glitters, precious stones, the glueing and the putting together are all processes which we follow in a painstakingly way.

We always use the highest quality materials in order to obtain a mask of superior quality, without letting their cost affect the realization of the mask in any way.

Every part and accessory in our masks strictly comply with the European regulations concerning the Consumer’s Health; feathers, in particular, undergo a sterilization from pathogens and diseases in compliance with the strict EU regulations on public welfare.

The colors are non-toxic as well as the glues used.