Masks Made in Italy 100% Certificate

Certification that recognizes and protects the companies that produce totally in Italy.

Original handmade Venetian Masks Certificate 100% Made in Italy

We guaranty to our customers the quality of a real Venetian Mask

Venetian Masks 100% Made in italy

At the beginning of 2011 the company, the only one in this field, started submitting all the paperworks to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and Industry, in order to achieve the Made in Italy 100% Certificate, certification that recognizes and protects the companies that produce totally in Italy.

“La Gioia ®” becomes therefore the only one in its sector (up at the date 21/09/2018) to have the certification “Made in Italy 100% Certified”, a further step to defend the customer from all imitations and from the false made in Italy, today more and more present on the market and which continues to damage the customer.

This further effort, combined with the strict rules of certification that exclusively impose the use of top-quality materials for their masks, has pushed the laboratory to further increase the quality of its production and to establish itself as a market leader.

What is the Made in Italy 100% Certificate?

In the context of the very serious problem of the use, abuse, counterfeiting and falsification of Made in Italy, the institute for the protection of Italian producers has instituted the “100% made in Italy certificate” certification.

It aims to confirm the value of the quality product of true Italian origin. Those who do not make a valuable product made entirely in Italy can never boast the Made in Italy and 100% Made in Italy certification.

The certification is issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers. The preliminary investigation and the management of relations with the company for certification are carried out by Promindustria S.p.A.

Project approved with co-financing by the Ministry of Economic Development:

  • The 100% Made in Italy Certification that the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers issues is carried out in line with the parameters set by the Italian legislation in force: law n. 166 article 16 of 20 November 2009.
  • The company requires certification stating that it possesses the requirements (entirely Italian production, Italian semi-finished products, first choice materials, its own style, typical traditional workmanship).
  • The Institute will carry out inspections in the company for the verification of the requirements and the conformity of the process from documented to declarated.

The 100% Made in Italy Certification claims that the quality of the products and raw materials used is the most important thing compared to the cost, it follows that no poor component is used.

What are the requirements to be 100% handmade in Italy?

Products must be:

  • Based on company’s own project and design
  • Fully manufacturered in italy
  • Made with Italian Components
  • Complete work traceability in Italy


  • Natural materials or Natural compounds
  • Quality, first choice materials
  • Raw materials’s origin Full traceability


  • Use of the company’s specific Workmanship
  • Use of traditional Workmanships techniques


  • Ethical treatment of Employees
  • Manufactured according to the Hygiene, Healthcare and Safety regulations

The checks, preventive and periodic, are carried out directly by the Institute or by externals or professionals specifically delegated without any prior notice.

What are the values of the certification?

  1. Guarantee: a controlled and guaranteed confirmation of the value and origin of the Italian quality product
  2. Labeling: function not provided for in the context of simple Made in Italy
  3. Traceability: sequential numbering applied to products
  4. Anti-counterfeiting: total security and protection of the company brand
  5. Accreditation of the companies certified by the most important international distributors
  6. Performance reserve: greater advantages for companies on calls for regional, state and community concessions

The 100% Made in Italy Certification is the only one that guarantees the authenticity of the product. Each type of certified product can obtain advantages including:

  • Confirmation of the value of the true Italian quality product.
  • Attributes prestige to the product and gives safety to the consumer.
  • Makes recognizable the true Made in Italy compared to the labels of partial Italian production or total foreign production.

To certify that a production is entirely made in Italy by adopting the 100% Made in Italy brand allows to be recognized worldwide for the guaranteed superior quality of products treated in detail.

A brand that summarizes representative values ​​of production quality, creativity and Italian style.

What is the certification?

  • Certification is the product
  • The Certification is the confirmation of the value of the product
  • Certification is the guarantee of the origin and quality of the true Italian product

What is the Certification for?

  • Certification is the label
  • Without a label there is no value
  • Perception of Value
  • The purchase decision is based on the classification of the perception of the value of the product
  • Classification macrolevels

What does this classification mean?

  • Brand
  • Certified product
  • Made in Italy
  • Foreign label

What requirements do I have to have?

  • Production entirely in Italy
  • Semi-finished Italian products
  • Exclusive style and design of the company
  • Typical Italian processing

How is this Certification obtained?

  • Certification request
  • Disciplinary compilation
  • Inspection visit
  • Resolution
  • Technical Committee, on the basis of the documentation provided, verifies the existence of the requirements and approves the Certification for 1 year

Are there any checks?

Within 1 year of the resolution and annually for renewal.
The company in this way can say that produces a quality product in Italy because the inspection institute has verified it.

How long is the certification?

The Certification has an annual duration. Every year it is necessary to re-verify the existence of the requirements.