Papier-Mache Masks

Antique processing involving cheap materials such as paper, rags, water and glue. Already used in Italy during the 16th century, this technique allowed the construction of statues of religious meaning. Nowadays it still involves the same materials and process and has not gone through any modernization.

All our subjects and creations are made according to tradition. In casts or molds of our fabrication each piece of paper drenched in water and glue is being laid one on top of the other until a thick layer is obtained. It is then left to dry.

Once completely dried it is removed from the mold and smoothed down as much as possible. Only then is the figure ready to be colored with water colors and subsequently decorated with gold leaf stucco and other various techniques. Some of these figures are being “craquelé”- style processed or applied a gold leaf which gets afterwards engraved or painted by hand.

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