Venezia Maschere

Venetian Masks 100% Made in Italy Certified Online Shop. We make masquerade masks since 1970.

Original handmade Venetian Masks, crafted in Venice with the highest quality paints and materials. We are the first producer of this category that get the certification 100% Made in Italy.


Our craftsmen and master decorators create Venetian masks by hand in Venice since 1970

La Gioia® was founded in 1970 as a workshop aiming to create some of the most traditional and precious Venetian souvenirs. Passion and mastery that we still have today.


Made in Italy Certified

Certification of quality and value of our 100% Made in Italy Venetian Masks

All the masks we produce have the exclusive "100% Made in Italy Certificate". Certification that recognizes and protects the products produced entirely in Italy.


original Venetian craftsmanship

Our artisans create unique pieces following the most ancient Venetian tradition

From the idea to the final product we follow the ancient artisan process to guarantee the highest quality for our handmade Venetian masks.



Take a look at what our customers think about our Handmade Venetian Masks

All the feedback we receive is important for us to improve our work as artisans to send you a product that exceeds your expectations

Saamira - Large
"We visited their shop during our trip to Venice in April 2019 and bought a gorgeous Jolly paper mache mask in red. We regretted not buying more, so when we came back home, we ordered a large Saamira mask in Violet from their web site. We live in the Middle East and they were very responsive to our emails and arranged for shipping through DHL. The mask arrived well packaged and was absolutely gorgeous...even better than the pictures. We are so happy with our purchase and would absolutely recommend Veneziamaschere. PS: We also received a complementary pin and pretty earrings with our purchase. I loved the extra touch."

Plague Doctor Mask
"Gorgeous mask. Ready for my first Venice Carnival trip!!! Thank you!"

Saamira - Small
"Very beautiful mask, combining the high quality of it’s materials as well as it’s detailed handcrafted job. Ceramic face made in hand, quality leather for the surrounding and magnificent hand-painting with vivid colors. Bought from the shop in Venice, but exactly the same product visualized in the photo."

Jolly Pon Pon
"A beautiful piece I am thrilled to add a special place in my collection. The attention to detail and quality exceeded my expectations. Service was warm and attentive. Delivery was quick and on time all the way to Montreal, Canada. Highly recommend"

Colombina Feathered
"I bought the Black and Silver version. Very striking and clearly handmade. Looks great!"

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