Nasone Feathered in Papier Mache


A mask to wear, with feathers and with a shape reminiscent of the nose used by the plague doctor, expertly framed by a splendid plumage.

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This Mask is Wearable with laces
Handmade in Venice
45 × 57 × 49 cm
SKU: 164

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Venetian Mask Nasone Feathered in Papier Mache

A mask to wear, with feathers and with a shape reminiscent of the nose used by the Doctor of the Plague. Cleverly framed with splendid plumage, trimmings and colored cords, this combination gives this mask a serious and austere appearance. A variation of the “Volto” with feathers, one of the most classic and well-known Venetian masks. Already in the 1400s it was the mask most created by the artisans of the time, after the simple and elegant Colombina Mask. Due to its difficulty and time of realization, it was a mask destined for rich gentleman or rich ladies.

The feathers are selected and glued one by one, taking care of color and length to make the whole as homogeneous and showy as possible. Hand-made papier-mâché mask, decorated entirely by hand by expert decorators according to the most traditional and ancient technique of Venetian masks.

For the realization of these masks only feathers are used with a certificate of conformity and a sterilization medical certificate (CE 1069/2009). Mask with “100% made in Italy certified” certification.

Our products are unique handmade pieces therefore all the images are indicative, as well as the measurements and colors that may be subject to variations.

Useful informations about Nasone Feathered in Papier Mache

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 45 × 57 × 49 cm


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