Gifting Joviality with Venetian Carnival Jesters

This guest blog post was written by Justin Angelo Patulli, freelance writer and enthusiast of Made in Italy artisanal products.

Carnival is undoubtedly a season associated with festivity and fun. During the medieval era, Venetian aristocrats organized lavish parties to celebrate the occasion. As with any party, some form of entertainment is vital in keeping guests engaged and ensuring they have a great time. Jesters were the protagonists of Carnevale entertainment. The team here at Venezia Maschere by La Gioia has an array of masks that pay homage to this iconic symbol. Read on to learn more about this jovial character.

Jesters were hired to entertain the Doge’s court because of their playful mannerism and sense of humour. Their performances ranged from acting, singing, playing musical instruments, and reciting poetry. But their colourful and elaborate costumes were also important in evoking a joyous atmosphere. In fact, their costumes are still among the most popular today. If one is fortunate enough to visit Venice during Carnival, they will see Jesters throughout the city.

These masks make a great gift for anyone in your life who has an inherent ability to make their loved ones laugh or have a great time. It can also be a great gift to lift the spirits of someone who may be in need of laughter. Regardless of the reason for your purchase, you can’t go wrong with any one of these extraordinary handcrafted masks!

A personal favourite of mine is the Jolly Tonino Bavero mask in blue. This ceramic mask is decorated with gold leaf and luxurious fabric, common elements found in the decor of traditional Venetian homes. Despite having an old world charm, it manages to still posses a juvenile essence. It could make a great gift for little ones who loves clowns.

Jolly Tonino Bavero – Medium


In this ceramic version decorated entirely with stuccos and gold leaf is applied the particular cone-shaped hat.

Another mask that exemplifies the superiority of this brand’s skilled craftsmanship is the Tricorno con Bavero. This mask is not only a unique piece of art, but it is also wearable! It requires hours of painstaking precision and uses various techniques and materials. It also takes many members of the team to create this particular masterpiece. The initial form is created by a master mask maker who then hands it off to the decorators who embellish it.


Tricorno con bavero Red

Original price was: 285,00€.Current price is: 205,00€.

Jolly Venetian tricorno decorated entirely by hand with glitter. Handmade in papier mache. With 100% made in Italy certification.

Finally, available in four varieties, the Jolly René Tips mask offers something for everyone! In particular, the cat version could be a great option for anyone who loves cats. The feline fond will be delighted to know that Venetians were cat lovers. However, they saw them as more than just domestic companions. Keeping rat infestations at bay, they played a crucial role in protecting Venice from various diseases. Elegantly designed in black, white, and gold, this mask is a great fusion of two important symbols for this city: jesters and cats. If you value symbolism, this is the mask to purchase!

Jolly René Tips in Papier-Mache


The workhorse of our workshop, the jolly face recalls the jesters always present in the noble Venetian palaces that according to their dress and their hairstyle changed their way of entertaining the nobles and their guests.

Have a look around the website and you will not be disappointed with the selection of jester masks available. The team at Venezia Maschere by La Gioia keeps artisanal traditions alive by incorporating historic symbols in a modern way. Backed by countless five star reviews, this is a brand worth buying from. Don’t hesitate to make a purchase today!