Host a Venetian Carnival Party with Venezia Maschere

This guest blog post was written by Justin Angelo Patulli, freelance writer and Made in Italy enthusiast.

Carnival is synonymous with Venetian culture. Characterized by elaborate costumes, this annual pre-lenten celebration dates back many centuries. Visiting Venice during this festive season is nothing short of magical and memorable. But as inflation persists, the rising cost of travel has made the journey out-of-reach for many. And while this is a growing reality, it doesn’t have to stop you from hosting a Carnival-themed party. If this idea piques your interest, Venezia Maschere can help you create an authentic atmosphere. Their wide selection of handcrafted masks are the perfect choice!

With so many options, finding the right costume can be a challenge!

The Bauta Mask: anonymous and elegant

The Bauta Ermet is a great choice if you’re opting for a classic look. Dating back to the fifteenth century, this mask was often worn outside of the Carnival season. This is because it offered a form of anonymity thanks to its design. The elongation of the mask’s upper lip could distort one’s voice, allowing them to go unrecognized. It can be a fun choice because it’s not only sophisticated, but it can also allow you to prank your fellow party goers! Regardless of the motive behind one’s choice, this is a timeless option.

The Columbine Metal Mask: an embrace between history and modernity

If you’re drawn to glamour and elegance, the Colombina Kira is the mask for you! Painted in gold and adorned with Swarovski rhinestones, it’s both traditional and modern. This is because metal is used in place of the classic papier-mâché used in traditional Colombina designs. More than a mask, this is a show-stopping accessory that one will treasure even when the party is over. It’s cut-out design offers breathability, along with comfort and convenience. While wearing this mask, one can eat, drink and speak freely, without ever needing to remove it. If you want to honour history while embracing modern innovation, this is a great choice!

Whether you opt to wear one of this brand’s masks as a costume or use them to decorate your party, they’re all wonderful options. You simply can’t go wrong when buying from Venezia Maschere! Founded in 1970, this family-owned brand keeps a long-standing Venetian tradition thriving. Each mask comes with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing it’s Made In Italy. This is one of the many factors that sets it apart from other brands. They also use top quality materials to construct their masks.

So even if you can’t visit Venice for Carnival, you can still enjoy the festivities by throwing a party at home. You can also support Venetian artisans and buying from this brand is a great start. Venezia Maschere offers masks of the finest quality and superior customer service. Their excellence even landed them a spot on Italian television. This is a brand you can trust! So go ahead and shop from the many masks on this site. I can guarantee that after you receive your first order, you will be a repeat customer. And don’t forget to leave a review!