How does the colour of the mask represent you?

Different colors have different meanings and it applies to the world of Venetian masks too. When it comes to choosing your ideal mask, whether it is to attend a party, give a present, or just enjoy its beauty, you might be wondering which color could fit you the best.

Don’t worry, we have written an article to help you find the right color for your mask.

Let’s find out together!

What is the meaning of different colors?

Colors are part of everyone’s lives, and even though they might seem to be the same for everyone, they can have completely different meanings for people, depending on their culture, experiences, or personal preferences.

However, according to the color theory, we all have a common sense that leads us to recognize certain colors and distinguish them. For example, the color red is often linked to fire and passion, yellow happiness, blue calmness and responsibility and so on.

Thanks to this common sense of perceiving colors, people have used them over time to communicate their feelings, moods, and habits. They have also been used as a way to highlight someone’s social status.

But what is the meaning of each color according to masks? And how to find the right one according to your needs?

How to choose the color of your mask

As we have seen, colors can play a significant role when it comes to choosing your mask. Actually, on the one hand, these items are a way to hide your identity, but on the other hand, masks are a powerful and charming accessory to express your personality.

So, if you have to decide on the right color, there are different aspects to consider like: the masquerade event you want to attend, the color of your dress, or just your tastes. Before continuing, remember that there is no such thing as one color better than another, so feel free to simply choose the one you like most.

That said, it is possible to identify some perceptions that can be linked to the different colors of the masks, let’s see them!

Red masquerade mask

Red is the color of energy, it communicates that you are adventurous, confident, and determined. Red is also a color related to passion and sensuality. Red Venetian masks are ideal for drawing attention to yourself.


Fiamma Grande Red


The dogaressa, queen of the Venetian carnival is represented in this mask made of leather and papier-mâché

Black masquerade mask

This color is related to elegance and sophistication. Black also recalls seduction and creates a mysterious look. Black Venetian masks are especially recommended for more formal parties.

Colombina Metallo Croll


Colombina in black metal. Venetian mask for parties. Adjustable and with satin laces to wear it. “100% Made in Italy certificate” guarantee

Gold masquerade masks

Gold can symbolize luck and wealth, as well as prestige and authority. It is often used to show wisdom and prestige. Golden Venetian masks are some of the most striking ones to wear.

Volto Cigno in Metal


Papier-mache mask and metal. This spectacular mask depicting a swan gently lying on the cheek of the Venetian dogaressa almost to kiss her. “100% Made in Italy Certificate”.

Green masquerade mask

Green communicates an easy-going, strong, and confident personality. This color is also associated with nature and fertility. Choose a Green Venetian mask and you will stand out from the crowd.

Safi – Medium


Ceramic and Leather Mask. Available in seven colors, this medium version is like the other sizes decorated by hand and 100% Made in Italy

Blue masquerade mask

Choose blue if you want to convey a loyal and balanced personality. Blue is also the color of peace and calm. In this case, a Blue Venetian mask is perfect to show that you are confident.

Colombina Fully Feathered


The Colombina Mask, the most famous and elegant of the Venetian masks becomes, in this version fully feathered, even more intriguing and mysterious.

Multicolor masquerade mask

These models are among the most decorative and traditionally used. Multicolored Venetian masks symbolize an exuberant, creative and fun personality. You can find this version in several different models.

Chess Cat with Glitter


Cat mask in papier-mâché. It is decorated with glitter in this flamboyant version. Totally handcrafted and available in different colors.

Find the best masquerade mask color to fit your personality

At Venezia Maschere we produce masks according to tradition in many different colors and shapes. Every model is one of a kind, as delicately handcrafted by expert artisans in Venice.

From our laboratory in Venice, we make sure every mask has its own design and is finely decorated by hand with the highest-quality materials. That is why our masks come with the 100% Made in Italy Certificate.

Furthermore, here you will find not only plenty of traditional Venitian masks, but also you can choose from different colours and shades of the same model.

Also, if you can’t find your favorite colour or want to personalize a mask, you can easily request us a personalized Venetian mask.

Well, now that you know a bit more about the meaning of colours and masks, all you’ll have to do is find out your favorite one!