How much do Venetian masks cost?

Making handmade Venetian masks can be a challenge, especially here in Venice where spaces are tight and supply materials can only travel through water.

Nevertheless is always a rewarding and great job, that is why Venetian mask-makers put so much passion and love into their creations.

Let’s see how they make them!

Venetian masks: how much do they cost and why?

The process begins with the sculpture of the mask starting from a handmade chalk mold. At this point, the craftsman designs the mask adding drawings and decorations.

Most of the models are made of papier-mache and decorated with precious materials like gold leaves, feathers, or gems.
Every single step of this fascinating work is entirely handmade, it can require from hours to weeks to be finished and it is 100% made in Italy guaranteed.

This is the reason why Venetian masks have an average cost from 30€ up to 400€, depending on the model you choose from.

Venetian masks: what are the different models and how much do they cost?

There are several models of Venetian masquerade masks and each of them requires a different amount of working hours and different kinds of materials. Besides, they can have different dimensions and decorations: some of them cover your face, others only the upper part, some are decorated with precious materials and others with simple ones.

To get you an idea, let’s see some practical examples!

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Other masks can take weeks to be finished and are made up of precious and expensive materials like gold and silver layers. Furthermore, for these masks, the traditional process requires more steps, tools, and techniques. These masks have an average price of 200 euros.

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As we described, there are several models of Venetian masks, but whichever you choose, they are all beautiful, hand-crafted by Venetian artisans and 100% made in Italy guaranteed!

What is the most precious mask you can find?

Well, the most precious mask is the one yet to be made! Here at Venezia Maschere we work hard to ensure that every model, every mask is the best quality, fantasy, and originality level possible.

In our decades of experience, we have created several precious custom masks, all of them completely hand-made in our craft workshop and completely personalized to our customer’s tastes!

So if you have an idea for a custom mask, here at Venezia Maschere our mask-maker masters would be happy to design and create whatever model, shape, and idea you have in mind.

Actually, one of the main advantages of following a traditional production is that every single step is hand-made and therefore can be easily modified: from draws to decorations!

To sum up, the most precious mask can be whatever model, shape, or idea you have in mind, there is no limit to fantasy! Now you can get your Venetian handmade personalized mask!