Be the king and queen of the masked ball with these amazing Venetian Masks

Attending a masked ball is extremely exciting, but at the same time, it can also be a bit nerve-wracking. You need to find some Venetian masks that are visually impressive and which will help you make a statement. Since most masked balls are focused on exclusivity and they are suitable for higher tier people, you want to buy Venetian masks that stand out with their value, diversity and great attention to detail.

Why do you need Venetian masks?

Masked balls are created with the idea of communicating with other people openly without having to worry about their identity. This type of ball has been around for hundreds of years and it was initially very popular in Venice. But it soon started to appear and stand out in other countries. Nowadays, you can find high tier, exclusive masked balls all over the world.

However, you need some great masks that will conceal your identity. Since these events are high standard, you require a proper etiquette. That’s why you want high-quality Venetian masks, and Venezia Maschere can help you because the company offers top of the line masks that are all unique pieces.

Not only that, but all these products are fully handmade. When you attend such an event, it’s always worrisome that someone else might have the same masks as you. Thanks to Venezia Maschere, this is a thing of the past. These amazing Venetian masks are all unique pieces, created by a Venetian artisan. This means you have fully original, extraordinary and unique Venetian masks that will make you stand out during any masked ball.

And since all masks are created from durable papier-mache, you will have high-quality masks that bring in front the quality and experience you may need. Each mask comes directly from Italy, and you get a certificate of authenticity, so you always know it’s a legit, professional product that you can rely on.

What Venetian masks are perfect for your upcoming masked ball?



Colombina is an iconic Venetian mask, for a lot of people, it’s the quintessential mask you need at any ball. The great thing is that it comes with multiple colors, it’s fully handmade and it’s super easy to wear. It’s one of the most impressive and interesting Venetian masks on the market thanks to its great design and simplicity.

Jolly René Curly in Paper Mache


In case you want a more complex Venetian mask, the Jolly René Curly in Paper Mache is a great option. It’s an extraordinary piece of art and one that will impress you with its very good quality and value for the money. There are 4 color options to choose from, and you will find the mask to be very comfortable and easy to wear.

Dominetto – Colombina Mask with two Wings in Metal


The Dominetto is a beautiful mask that has metal inserts in the form of wings. It’s designed to be a very decorative, extravagant piece with a stunning visual accent. There are multiple base colors to choose from, so if you are passionate about expressing yourself in a cool and fun way, you should totally check it out.

It’s never easy to find a Venetian mask that suits your needs. Thankfully, Venezia Maschere offers a great selection of handmade, fully certified Venetian Masks that impress you with the authenticity, high quality, and great value for money. We recommend you to give these products a try, and we guarantee you will have an amazing experience.