Meaning and history of the Colombina mask

Colombina is one of the most famous Venetian masks, her character comes from the Commedia dell’Arte and became over time more and more popular.

If you are interested in the Colombina mask history and meaning, follow us in this article!

Who is Colombina and what does her mask represent?

Colombina can be literally translated as “little-dove” and is a character of the Commedia dell’Arte. In the Italian Comedy of Art, every mask is linked to a character and Colombina plays the role of a maidservant and mischievous scheming soubrette. She is witty and down-to-earth and often interacts with other masks.

For instance, in the Commedia dell’Arte theatre, Colombina is often at the center of amorous advances of male characters such as Pantalone or Il Capitano, but thanks to her cunning and agility she can always manage the situation to her advantage. Colombina is also Arlecchino’s mistress and tends to play with him, now letting him court her, and then manipulating him to obtain something.

How is the Colombina mask made?

Colombina mask is a half-face mask that mainly covers the wearer’s eyes, nose and upper cheeks. It can be held up either by ribbons, which let your hands-free or by a small stick which makes it easier to put on and off.

Colombina masks can have different designs, that is because, over time, many models and designs have been created: all beautiful and suitable for every taste! Some are decorated with feathers, to add mystery and sensuality to the mask, while others are made of metal, applying light layers of precious metals such as gold and silver. Finally, some models can also be made of paper-maché, giving birth to beautiful colored masks decorated with the most varied shapes.

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Why choose the Colombina mask for your masquerade event

Colombina masks are perfect for every kind of masquerade event, they are really easy to wear as you can tie them with their ribbons or use their hand-stick, depending on the model you choose. Furthermore, these masks are very comfortable to wear as they are light and has got a shape adaptable to any face.

Moreover, Colombina masks are perfect to enjoy any kind of masquerade event as they are half-face masks and therefore cover the upper part of your face only. That allows you to drink, eat and chat freely at any moment. You will be able to wear your Colombina mask all night long with no worries!

Not only Colombina masks are comfortable and versatile for any occasion, but they are also very easy to match with every kind of clothing. Thanks to the numerous models and designs of Colombina masks, you will always be able to find the best model to match your dress.

Let’s see some examples!

Colombina metal mask

If you are attending a modern masquerade party, where you have to dress in evening clothes, then Colombina metal masks can be the ideal match, as they highlight elegance and sensuality.

Colombina Feathered


Colombina is a very antique Venetian mask, it only covers the eyes and has always mainly been used by women in the past.

Traditional Colombina mask

On the other hand, if you are taking part in a masquerade ball with traditional costumes, then we would recommend choosing a traditional Colombina mask: their design is unique and classic!

Colombina Fully Feathered


The Colombina Mask, the most famous and elegant of the Venetian masks becomes, in this version fully feathered, even more intriguing and mysterious.