Shopping for Sustainable Souvenirs in Venice

This guest blog post was written by Justin Angelo Patulli, freelance writer and Made in Italy enthusiast.

Venice is in the top three of Italy’s most visited cities and it’s no secret why. It’s a magical place, unlike anywhere else in the world. Not only is this due to the fact that it’s made up of 118 islands, but also because of its rich artistic traditions. Among its many traditions is Carnival, known for colourful costumes and elegant masks. These masks have become a signature of Venice and its identity, which is why so many bring them home as a souvenir.

How to buy Venetian masks by supporting local crafts

I’ve often cautioned consumers about inexpensive Carnival masks sold by street vendors. While they can be affordable, they are usually not made in Italy. This is problematic from both an economic and environmental perspective. In an era where sustainable tourism is top of mind, we should seek to buy local and support artisans at our host destination. We should also keep in mind that not all masks are made using the same materials. In fact, some may use toxic glues and paints or unethically sourced feathers. That’s why it’s important to choose the right brand when buying one.

I have often recommended that my family and friends buy from Venezia Maschere by La Gioia. It’s a brand committed to keeping local traditions alive while ensuring that its products pass the EU’s most strict standards. This means that when you buy from them, you’re supporting the Venetian economy. You’re also guaranteed to bring home a Carnival mask that doesn’t have detrimental impacts on the environment or your health. The choice is clear, Venezia Maschere by La Gioia is the right brand to buy from!

Colombina Fully Feathered


The Colombina Mask, the most famous and elegant of the Venetian masks becomes, in this version fully feathered, even more intriguing and mysterious.

Why should you buy from Venezia Maschere?

I love browsing through this brand’s website because there are so many unique pieces. They make perfect gifts, which is why I have gifted them to my own loved ones. And while the website offers a wide variety of products, it can often be overwhelming to make the right choice. Fortunately, there is an incredibly kind team of artisans who is happy to guide you in the buying process. Just reach out to them and they will surely lend their artistic expertise to ensure you find a product that fits your needs.

But there’s also another benefit to reaching out directly to the team at Venezia Maschere. Their laboratory has many one-of-a-kind masks not available online. They have some real treasures just waiting to find the right home, which could happen to be yours! This option gives you a window into their world of creativity and will allow you to have a work of art owned by no one else. It’s like being part of an exclusive club! I’m sure that you’ll reach out from time to time to get a sneak peak into their latest masterpieces.

So go ahead and don’t hesitate to shop this amazing brand! A purchase from Venezia Maschere by La Gioia will be the beginning of a commitment to keeping Venice’s artistic traditions alive.

Plague Doctor Mask


Plague Doctor Mask, one of the most famous and recognized Venetian masks. Original wearable mask handmade in papier-mache and decorated entirely by hand. 100% Made in Italy certificate.