The 5 best Venetian Masks for Venetian Carnival 2020

The Venetian Carnival is also known as Carnevale di Venezia. This carnival is held annually in Venice, Italy & is known worldwide for its detailed masks. Apparently, this started because of the triumph of the Venice Republic against the Patriarch of Aquileia in the year 1162. In the eighteenth century, this festival was brought back by the Italian government. Since then Venetian Carnival has been commemorated to bring back the culture and tradition of Venice.

The Venetian masks are the highlight of the whole carnival. Back in the day, these masks were worn by the people and scented eggs were thrown on each other. Venetian masks are a work of art. These marks in the old days personified rich people or people of great standard and grace. Venetian masks come in various styles. People with different professions wore different masks. The Venetian Carnival 2020 will start on 8th February and will end on 25 February.

Here are the 5 best Venetian masks for:

Saamira – Large


Saamira is one of the most amazing masks available in our store right now. Not only is it beautiful, it also covers the whole face, including the hair on the head, and some part of the neck. Samira is crafted with leather, and will last quite a lot of beating, which is the perfect requirement for a busy schedule such as the Venetian Carnival.

Safi – Large


Safi is another really beautiful mask that covers not only the face, but also a part of the neck and forehead. Safi is covered with glitter & small rhinestones, which makes the mask stand out even in big events like this carnival. 
Safi is made from leather & properly follows the tradition of the Venetian Carnival. It should be the ultimate mask if you like the design.

Volto Cigno in Metal


The Volto mask depicts is almost as beautiful as the person that will be wearing this mask. The mask is laced in a beautiful papier-mache metal, that looks like a swan. 
Volto Cigno is quite a poetic mask, and only people of extremely exquisite taste should invest in this leather/metal mask.



If you are looking to go into minimalism, the iconic mask of this carnival, Colombina, is the ultimate option for you. Colombina not only looks nice, but is also a really good option if you can’t bother covering your entire face up. Since it only covers the eyes, it has much more compatibility than most other masks on this list.

Jolly Tonino Bavero – Large


Jolly Tonino Bavero is the complete mask setup for any mask enthusiast. It has been inspired by the ancient techniques of Venetian masks & feels as if it is peering into your soul. This mask follows the facial scheme of a jester, and by wearing this mask, you can feel the harmony of the carnival, in full focus. It is like the ultimate companion if you are looking to blend in the carnival.
These are the best Venetian masks in our opinion. All of these masks are amazing in their own rights, and are the best in their categories.