Venetian mask with feathers: show your elegance and beauty!

Venetian masks with feathers are among the most unique and fascinating ones, they stand out in the Carnival for their beauty and the mysterious and intriguing look that they give to the wearer.

Not only are they beautiful and hand-made in Italy, but our Venetian masks with feathers are also 100% natural and ethically sourced. These high-quality feathers come from non-protected birds and no animal has been harmed as only naturally falling feathers are collected. Furthermore, they are all sterilized and have medical certificates and documentation of origin.

Find out more about the beautiful Venetian feathered masks: how they are made, how to wear them, and how to match them to look your best!

Venetian Carnival masks with feathers: how they are crafted in Venice

Our venetian feathered masks are made using high-quality, naturally fallen feathers, which are applied one at a time with hot glue around the mask’s surface. Once the feather composition is completed, the decoration is protected with two coats of transparent protective paint.

Ornaments and decorations can involve different materials depending on the final result. Some are adorned with feathers of different colors, in order to get a colorful effect, while others involve mainly one tint so as to create more contrast with the mask.

Let’s have a look at some of the most famous feathered mask models!

Feathered full face mask

This is one of the oldest models of Venetian mask and indeed one of the most fascinating. It covers your entire face and is made of hundreds of feathers carefully applied around the upper side of the mask. It is finely decorated by master mask makers according to the most traditional techniques.

Piuma volto intero in papier mache


One of the oldest models of Venetian mask, used by the richest nobility. During the Carnival of Venice and at parties, feathered masks have always been among the most fascinating and admired.

Feathered Colombina mask

Colombina is a female “Commedia dell’Arte” mask and is supposed to be the sweetheart of Arlecchino. It is not surprising then, that it comes with a particularly feminine touch!

This feathered model only covers the upper part of your face, it is easy to wear and it is decorated with a tuft of natural feathers which make it very elegant and intriguing!

Colombina Feathered


Colombina is a very antique Venetian mask, it only covers the eyes and has always mainly been used by women in the past.

Choose a Venetian mask with feathers to be elegant and sensual!

Whether you are going to attend an exclusive masquerade ball, have fun with your friends at a local party or simply want to celebrate the beauty and fun of Carnival, choosing a Venetian feathered mask is the best idea to show the most elegant and sensual part of you!

Since the beginning of Carnival, Feathered masks have always been among the most searched and wanted. In the past, they used to represent a status symbol among noble people of all time, and nowadays they are still seen as an accessory of enchanting beauty and fascinating mystery, capable of hiding your identity and making you stand out from the crowd at the same time!

How to preserve your masquerade mask with feathers

Given the beauty and preciousness of these Venetian masks, we would like to share some tips to help you protect them and preserve all their beauty in the years to come:

  • The best way to clean the mask is by gently dusting it with a feather duster, paying attention to the most delicate parts such as feathers.
  • If the feathers get twisted or fall to one side, they can be easily straightened with a hot hair iron, taking care not to burn them, but only to heat them.

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