Get Lost in Venice Between Canals and Venetian Masks

Are you ready to spend this year vacations in Venice and want to explore more interesting things over there? We received this article from one of our clients who have described their overall experience in Venice tour!

Well, my holidays in Venice were incredible to talk about, which cannot be described in words. If I call Venice to be a place not less than a heaven on earth, then no one can deny this fact.

Venice has great beauty and charm in its streets and locations, which will force you to visit this destination every single year. Venice is located on the Northeastern side of Italy and is the capital of the Veneto area. This whole city is based on just canals and is interlinked with almost 400 bridges. Therefore, when you plan to visit Venice, you might be finding yourself getting lost in the Venice canals and its beauty. Venice has always remained one of the favorite choices of the tourists and even mine for exploring the tradition and cultural viewpoint. This city has a total population of around 260 thousand.

Well, that was just the beginning of Venice, because the real story is about what happened to me and my friend on the streets of Venice. One evening me and my friend was sitting idle in our hotel room and was nothing to do on our Venice trip because we had already explored every single thing in our previous days.

So my mind hit something exciting, which I shared with my friend, and she instantly laughed out loud on my face! Well, that weird idea was about wearing Venetian masks on the Venice streets and figuring out how the passer-by will react on it.

Me and my friend stood up confidently and went around wearing two of our masks. Let me share the masks name with you as Amazing Colombina Feathered Venetian Mask and Awesome Cat Mask with Metal Ears Venetian Mask. We purchased these marks from the ecommerce store.

I was wearing Colombina Feathered Venetian Mask, which was covering only my eyes. It was blue and purple with a big fur feather on its top head. My friend was wearing cat mask with metal ears, which was fully covered with hand-painted decoration and shimmering glitter.

As we were walking on the streets of Venice, we had a little thought in mind that we might be facing some issues or might be stopped by the police forces for questioning. But nothing of such kind happened!

Before coming to Venice, someone had already told me that Venice people are warm and friendly towards their tourists. And with this experience, I believed that this fact was true!

We were so pleasantly surprised by the effect which was aroused by the passers-by towards us. Some of them even insist on photographing with us, and others also stopped us from getting into some conversation with us based on the story behind the Venetian mask.

Well, I don’t know about how my friend was feeling on this whole experience, but for me, it was extraordinary and memorable for a lifetime! This would be one primary reason which will make me visit Venice again and again and again!

Here are the masks worn:

Colombina Feathered


Colombina is a very antique Venetian mask, it only covers the eyes and has always mainly been used by women in the past.

Cat Mask with Metal Ears


A face in papier-mâché, hand painted with bright colors, decorated with stuccos and pastes produced in our laboratories and covered with shimmering glitter.