What do Venetian masks represent?

In ancient times, the first masks used in the “commedia dell’arte” symbolized the expressions and the personality of the various characters that were represented. In the fourteenth century the masks evolved with the advent of the “mascherai”, the Venetian craftsmen who gave life to each of their creations according to the requests of the customer. Different applications and decorations made a mask sweet, gentle, angry, cheerful, seductive, enigmatic.

Later, with the passing of the years and the consequent possibility of having an ever greater range of colors, simpler forming and bending techniques and decorations of ever greater variety, the masks were transformed into wise bearers of multiple personalities. The craftsman has combined the tradition of papier-mâché and ceramic materials with the new technologies of colors and applications to make even more extraordinary these ancient and curious works of art.


Here a selection of some of our best masks:

Colombina Feathered


Colombina is a very antique Venetian mask, it only covers the eyes and has always mainly been used by women in the past.

Venetian Bauta – Colored


The Venetian Bauta, one of the most famous and ancient traditional Venetian masks. In this version decorated with gilded stuccos and rhombuses.

Safi – Large


Wearable mask with vivid, bright and metallic colors made even brighter by strictly hand-made decorations with colored glitter and many small rhinestones. “100% Made in Italy certified”.

Saamira – Large


The biggest size of this unique and elegant mask. Expertly handcrafted leather with mastery, it is used to frame beautiful papier-mache faces and then decorated.