What material are Venetian masks made of?

Venetian masks date back to around the year 1200. The masks were made mainly with the products present at the time, such as paper and glue (papier-mâché), earth and clay (ceramic/plaster), rags, fabric or pieces of animal skin (leather).

These were the “raw materials” that were found in those years. The colors were black, red, yellow, green and the other pastel colors that could be obtained from the availability and the “knowledge” of plants and plant fibers. On these colored bases veils, fabrics, glass shards, ornaments, plumage, pins and metal accessories were applied depending on the requests of those who ordered the mask to the “masquerade” shop.

Materials used to create Venetian our Masks


Already used in Italy during the 16th century, the papier-mache tecnique technique allowed the construction of statues of religious meaning. Nowadays it still involves the same materials and process and has not gone through any modernization.

Plague Doctor Mask with Drawing of Doctor Itself


Plague Doctor Mask with Drawing of Doctor Itself. Decorated entirely by hand by expert decorators. Wearable mask handmade in Venice.


We use hand-worked metal inserts to enrich our creations. For example, metal ears to give our Cat Mask a luxurious feel or in our Dominetto model, to create a charming effect.

Cat Mask with Metal Ears


A face in papier-mâché, hand painted with bright colors, decorated with stuccos and pastes produced in our laboratories and covered with shimmering glitter.


Real ostrich, peacock, pheasant and rooster feathers are being used to embellish papier-mache or ceramic faces.

Colombina Feathered


Colombina is a very antique Venetian mask, it only covers the eyes and has always mainly been used by women in the past.


The process consists of three steps: during step one ceramic is being molded using a mold, during step two a slow-drying process eliminates the excess water in the dirt mix and step three is the oven cooking phase.

Sole Luna Accademia – Medium


The medium version of this impossible but beautiful love.