When Carnival Masks and lace-making meet

This article was written by guest blogger, Justin Angelo Patulli, artisan enthusiast.

The artisans of Venezia Maschere by La Gioia are industry leaders in creating carnival masks that perfectly juxtapose antiquity with modernity. One example of this can be seen in its creation of masks that incorporate macramé, a variant of lace, which was a highly-sought after product that the Venetian Republic became known for across Europe.

The origins of lacemaking in Venice can be traced back to the simple task of repairing fish nets. This is just an example of how many of its traditions are inspired by its maritime location. However, lace as we know it today grew to popularity around the 15th century and onwards. The island of Burano became the epicentre of Venetian lace-making, with requests coming in from nobility across Europe, including England and France. In fact, on the day of his coronation in 1654, King Louis XIV of France wore a lace collar made by Venetian artisans, which was believed to have taken two years to create.

This artistic tradition once faced extinction and while having made a resurgence, the majority of today’s lace products found in Venice aren’t made using the same techniques. However, artisans such as the team at Venezia Maschere by La Gioia have worked their artistic magic and found ways to incorporate this historical art-form into their masks. The Colombina Farfalla Macrame mask, which is made in either white or blue, is decorated with a golden macramé butterfly.

On the other hand, the Colombina Metallo Croll and Colombina Metallo Rass are made entirely of metal, yet have a lace appearance. It’s an innovative nod to tradition with a modern twist. Finally, the Vedova Colorata Macrame is a show-stopping piece available in nine colours. This mask is adorned with intricate macramé detailing, along with crystal embellishment. Regardless of which you choose, it’s a great way to gift yourself or a loved one with something that embodies two of the city’s artistic traditions in a single piece.

I would encourage anyone looking to buy art to consider these masks, or any of the others made by this great brand. Art is an investment and the masks of Venezia Maschere by La Gioia are exactly that. There are many brands out there, but few can offer comparable quality. With more than 100 reviews on Trustpilot, it’s evident that both quality and customer satisfaction is what Venezia Maschere by La Gioia does best. So go ahead and browse the site, you’re sure to find something that speaks to you!

Here’s a few of masks that incorporate the Venetian lace-making tradition:

Colombina Farfalla Macrame


High quality Colombina Mask with a golden macrame butterfly. 100% made in Italy certified mask, available in Blue and Total White colours.

Colombina Metallo Croll


Colombina in black metal. Venetian mask for parties. Adjustable and with satin laces to wear it. “100% Made in Italy certificate” guarantee.

Colombina Metallo Rass


Colombina in black metal. Venetian mask for parties. Adjustable and with satin laces to wear it. “100% Made in Italy certificate” guarantee.

Vedova Colorata Macramè


A papier mache mask with a feminine face, sweet, and austere at the same time enriched with a roar of macrame and crystals.