Where can I buy original Venetian masks?

Are you looking for an original Venetian mask, but not really sure where you can find it? Do not worry, nowadays it is absolutely normal to feel a bit confused, considering how many poor imitations of very low quality are possible to find.

In this article, we want to help you find the fastest and safest way to purchase your original Venetian mask, according to your needs!

The best place to buy your Venetian mask

Venetian masks are worldwide renewed for their timeless beauty and their sense of mystery, so if you are a Venetian mask lover, you want to be sure you get the best quality and authenticity possible for your mask.

To do so, the best place where you can find the real Venetian masks, completely hand-made and according to traditional techniques, is certainly Venice!

In the “City of waters”, local traditional mask shops continue producing traditional hand-made Venetian masks, each of one with its own fabulous shapes, colours, design and decorations.

However, authentic handmade Venetian masks can be fragile and difficult to carry in your suitcase so, if you are worried about carrying with you such delicate and precious items, risking damaging them in your luggage when you fly back home, we recommend you consider another option: shopping Venetian Masks online!

Actually it is possible for you to easily purchase your favorite original Venetian masks directly online: untouched and gently packaged for you!

Let’s find more about it!

How to buy an authentic Venetian mask avoiding any risk?

The simplest and safest way to get your Venetian mask with no damage is to shop it online. Nowadays shopping online has become easy and safe!

In Venezia Maschere online shop, you can find any kind of Venetian masks you have seen in Venice. Furthermore, all our masks are 100% made in Italy guaranteed!

Nevertheless, here at Venezia Maschere your masks are carefully packaged and shipped worldwide from our Venetian masks laboratory.

They will come to your home in a blink of an eye, perfectly packaged and protected. Have a look at our Worldwide shipping information for more details!

Traditional Venetian masks 100% made in Italy guaranteed

When it comes to purchasing items online, one of the main aspects is to be sure what you buy corresponds to what you are looking for.

Actually, online it is possible to find many reproduction s of Venetian masks that are not really made in Venice and use non-traditional materials.

That is the reason why by purchasing your Venetian mask at Venezia Maschere you are guaranteed they are 100% made in Italy!

As a matter of fact, they all come along with a Certificate granted by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Products. By this certificate, you are guaranteed that your Venetian mask is: designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, made with high quality and non-toxic materials and made in observance of rigorous health and safety standards.