Why is it traditional to wear masks to celebrate carnival?

The current carnival period is the celebration and recurrence of ancient celebrations, which began around the 14th century.

In this period (currently about 20 days), we disguise ourselves with masks and costumes to celebrate and remember the ancient splendours, the freedom, the allegory, the transgression and the carelessness that was in vogue at the time. We try to relive those times with the same uses and costumes proposing parties, games and shows in the “campi” (squares), in the palaces and in the streets of the enchanting and magical Venice.

Here a selection of some of our best masks:

Plague Doctor Mask


Plague Doctor Mask, one of the most famous and recognized Venetian masks. Original wearable mask handmade in papier-mache and decorated entirely by hand. 100% Made in Italy certificate.

Bacco Frutta – Large


In this mask its the face is made in papier-mache and entirely decorated with stucco and gold leaf and the contour is realized with the various types of leaves, multiple qualities of fruit and flowers.

Jolly René Curly in Paper Mache


One of our best wearable masks. A typically Venetian figure, this Jolly mask is an authentic jewel. Available in four different paper and 100% Made in Italy certificated.