Why the real “Made in Venice” is a plus for your Venetian mask

Why choose a guaranteed Made in Venice mask? Simple, because all the history and tradition of Venetian mask making is enclosed in this beautiful accessory! The love and passion that Venetian mask-makers put into making it entirely by hand too and finally the 100% guarantee of the highest quality possible!

Find out why the real “Made in Venice” is a plus for your Venetian mask!

Venice: the city where everything began

Venice is the city where Venetian masks have been invented, here the history of Venetian mask making began in the 13th century when Venetians started to celebrate Carnival wearing masks to have fun and hide their identity.

At that time, the first artisan workshops sprang up where the master mask-makers, also called maschereri in Venetian, began to create more and more particular and creative models of Venetian masks. In the Serenissima Republic, making masks became for the first time a recognized job and official art, with techniques handed down to the present day!

It is also in Venice that some of the most famous mask models in the world were born! Many of them were inspired by the characters of the Venetian history, such as the Plague doctor mask, which recalls the plague of 1600, the Cat mask, which recalls how the felines were useful for the Venetians against mice, the Bauta mask used by nobles and commoners to blend in and many others!

In Venice were born and are still made even the best masks of the famous “Commedia dell’Arte”! Harlequin, Columbine, Pierrot and many other characters, who used to wear theatrical masks, were invented in Italy and their masks have been produced in Venice since then!

In short, it is in Venice that the world of Venetian masks began!

In Venice masks are made according to a millenary tradition

This is the reason why we can say that Venetian masks are the most faithful to the tradition that can be found in the world! Because they are made in Venice, in artisan workshops, by master masqueraders who use the same techniques handed down from the past.

Real “Made in Venice” means in fact, that the masks are entirely hand-made in Venetian artisan workshops, by Venetian master mask-makers, according to the Venetian tradition: in short, everything is homemade!

So is it just a question of geographical origin and tradition or is there something more? Of course, there is something more, definitely much more! Let’s find out!

Made in Venice means 100% authenticity and quality guarantee

The quality and originality of a handmade product is a key factor when you want to buy an accessory so beautiful and fascinating as a Venetian mask!

Nowadays in the market, is possible to find plenty of models of Venetian masks, but most of them cannot last over time, they do not guarantee the quality of materials and their origin is almost always unknown!

Choosing a certified Made in Venice mask instead means making sure it is conformed to the highest quality standards in the world!

In particular, Venezia Maschere, which has been producing masks for more than half a century, is the only Venetian workshop to have the 100% Made in Italy certification!

What does 100% Made in Italy mean?

  • The masks are all hand-made in Italy, with designs and projects exclusive to the company.
  • Only natural and high-quality materials are used and all masks are made applying non-toxic materials.
  • Only traditional working techniques are used as the masks are all handmade.
  • All masks are made in accordance with the highest standards of health and safety.

Take a look at our best 100% Handmade in Italy Venetian Masks:

Dama Cappello – Medium


The wonderful face of the dogaressa, embellished with a precious hat with a romantic style and colorful flowers.

Plague Doctor Mask with Drawing of Doctor Itself


Plague Doctor Mask with Drawing of Doctor Itself. Decorated entirely by hand by expert decorators. Wearable mask handmade in Venice.

Sole Luna Niato – Small


They represent lovers, never able to be close together despite the great love they are sharing. Decorated with gold and silver leaf or craquelé.