Embody the spirit of Carnival with a sophisticated mask

This article was written by guest blogger Justin Angelo Patulli, enthusiast of Made in Italy
artisanal goods.

Carnival is an incredible time to visit Venice. The city comes to life with a festive atmosphere, largely attributed to the assortment of colourful costumes being worn throughout the city. And while art aficionados are sure to be delighted by these traditional costumes while taking a leisurely stroll through Venice, it’s behind closed doors at the many parties and events that take place where one is sure to be wowed. The team of artists at Venezia Maschere can outfit you with the perfect mask to ensure you fit right in and partake in the atmosphere of Carnevale!

The most notable of these extravagant events that take place during this festive season is the Doge’s Ball (or Il Ballo del Doge). People travel from across the world to attend because it’s an experience unlike any other. It’s as though this night is a scene out of a fairytale that transports you back in time to centuries past. The night begins with cocktails and a gala dinner, along with many spectacular performances. And if you don’t fancy sitting through a formal dinner, then you’re welcome to attend the after dinner party and dance the night away to the tunes being played by a live DJ.

At the Doge’s Ball, a compulsory dress code is enforced, ensuring that attendees are dressed in period costumes. Other parties that take place across the city don’t necessarily enforce a strict dress code, aside from wearing a traditional Carnival mask. Whichever event you plan to attend, you’ll need the right attire, which is why you have to shop with Venezia Maschere! I consider this to be the headquarters that will ensure you’ve got the look needed to get into any of these parties. Keep reading below to see a few of my recommendations from this brand.

You truly can’t go wrong when shopping here. If you’re new to the world of masks and unfamiliar with what’s important to make note of when making a purchase, you can read one of my articles, What I should know before buying an original Venetian mask? It’s a great guide that will help you understand the history behind these art pieces and will help you appreciate this brand even more.

What I love most about Venezia Maschere by La Gioia is that it’s accessible to many. They have created a wide assortment of masks that cater to all price points. While we’d all love to attend one of the elaborate Carnival events, the price tag is out of reach for many. This brand allows you to shop from afar and have your own piece of Venetian Carnival without making the journey to Venice.

Don’t hesitate and shop around the site today, I’m sure that your first purchase will certainly not be your last!

Colombina Feathered


Colombina is a very antique Venetian mask, it only covers the eyes and has always mainly been used by women in the past.

Colombina with half Butterfly and Stick


The ancient mask of the Colombina, which covers only the part of the eyes, is enriched with an handle and golden metal applications that represent a butterfly wing surrounded by rhinestone expertly applied one by one by expert hands.

Venetian Bauta – Colored


The Venetian Bauta, one of the most famous and ancient traditional Venetian masks. In this version decorated with gilded stuccos and rhombuses.

Plague Doctor Mask


Plague Doctor Mask, one of the most famous and recognized Venetian masks. Original wearable mask handmade in papier-mache and decorated entirely by hand. 100% Made in Italy certificate.