Halloween masquerade masks: the perfect match for your party!

Worldwide known as the night of the spirits, nowadays Halloween has become one the most popular holidays and Venice is no exception! The city of colors, beauty and romance enjoys celebrating Halloween, filling its streets (calli) and squares (campi) with beautiful and intriguing masquerade masks!

Coming from the ability and tradition of its mask-maker masters, Venetian Halloween masks are nowadays among the most popular masks that people chose to celebrate Halloween.

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Choose a Venetian masquerade mask for Halloween and stand out from the crowd!

If you are wondering what kind of mask can I choose for Halloween? We have got the answer for you: choose a Venetian masquerade mask!

You will be able to turn into many beautiful, enigmatic, and fascinating characters!

For instance, the famous Plague doctor mask: was once a terrifying symbol of death and despair, nowadays a charming and mysterious mask. Into the Jolly mask: the unpredictable, crazy character that enjoys freedom unknown to others. Or even into one of the “Commedia dell’Arte masks”: the characters that fill the Carnival of Venice such as the Harlequin mask, Colombina and the cat mask!

Every Venetian mask is unique and suits you perfectly to make you stand out from the crowd! Furthermore, you have so many types of Venetian masks to choose from: everyone is 100% hand-made in Italy according to the higher standards and tradition.

Plague Doctor Mask Total Black


All-black Venetian mask of the famous Plague Doctor. Made entirely by hand and with 100% Made in Italy Certification.

Giullare 16 Tip


From the Venetian carnival here is the court jester, 16 tips in precious fabrics.Trimmings and bells are added to a male face made of papier-mâché and decorated by hand.

Dia de Los Muertos mask: the original mask to celebrate your party!

If you are looking for something unique and special for your Halloween masquerade party, discover a new dedicated collection of Halloween masks inspired by “Dia de Los Muertos”!

Also known as the Day of the Death, it is a traditional holiday that originated in Mexico and where people are used to walking on the streets wearing costumes and masks that resemble a skeleton. This vibrant and colored holiday is also an opportunity to celebrate the loved ones who have passed away.

The Dia de Los Muertos masks are finely designed to resemble a skull and carefully decorated with floral drawings.

Have a look at some of the models from our collection!



Paper mache mask, certified 100% Made in Italy and Halloweeen theme. Made according to the Venetian mask technique.



With this mask it will be impossible to go unnoticed during a party or a themed event. Mask of the highest quality, entirely handcrafted and 100% Made in Italy certified.

Halloween masquerade mask 100% handmade in Italy

At Venezia Maschere you can find Halloween masquerade masks 100% handmade in Italy which means each of them is guaranteed by a certification that assures you are buying a product exclusively hand-made in Italy with the best materials!

What makes Venetian masquerade masks so unique? They are entirely designed and hand-made in Venice by mask-makers masters, according to a millenary tradition whose roots date back to the Carnival of Venice.

Furthermore, our Halloween masquerade masks are made only with top-quality materials, all-natural, and come from Italy. Moreover, every product is manufactured according to the highest hygiene, healthcare, and safety regulations.

How to wear your masquerade mask for Halloween? There are many types of masks and each of them is designed to fit perfectly and comfortably to your face. Every mask is equipped with soft laces and the best way to wear them is to fasten them slightly behind your head.

 Have a look at our handmade Halloween Mask collection!