Plague Doctor Mask Total Black


All-black Venetian mask of the famous Plague Doctor. Made entirely by hand and with 100% Made in Italy Certification

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This Mask is Wearable with laces
23 × 17 × 38 cm
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This mask is created by Gianni

Creative mind and unstoppable forge of ideas, he founded the laboratory in 1970. Even today the "Master mask maker" creates "his" masks with the same passion and intensity

Venetian Mask Plague Doctor Mask Total Black

For centuries there was no calamity more frightening than the plague. The disease came from the East and therefore all the roads of trade, which was the main source of wealth for Venice, turned into roads of contagion. It was 1630. Together with spices and precious fabrics, the ships of the Serenissima Republic of Venice also carried the black death.

From this frightening historical event was born one of the most famous and recognized Venetian masks, the “Plague Doctor”.

Fully black wearable mask, handmade of papier-mâché. Also available in the classic version, this mask is made and decorated entirely by hand according to the most traditional and ancient technique of Venetian Maskmakers. With 100% Made in Italy Certification.

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