How to choose your Venetian mask

Venetian masks are among the most beautiful and charming accessories to hide your identity and have fun. Moreover, there are so many models that it is always possible to find the ideal one for any kind of masquerade event.

But how is it possible to choose the most suitable one based on your needs?

To help you find the best Venetian mask for any occasion, follow us into this small and practical guide on how to choose your Venetian mask!

What kind of masquerade ball are you attending?

If you are going to attend a period costume ball, then a traditional Venetian mask will be the best choice!

Women can choose from a rich assortment such as: the elegant Colombina masks, which are glamorous and seductive, or the fascinating full face masks, which are characterized by elaborate designs and decorations. While for men we suggest choosing a traditional Venetian mask, such as the Bauta mask or the Plague doctor mask.

On the other hand, if you are going to take part in a modern masquerade ball: such as a black-tie masquerade ball or an elegant masked party, then the ideal choice are the Venetian metal masks: they perfectly match the evening dress and give a charming and seductive look!

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Take a look at our Masquerade Masks for Women!

There is a mask for every need: here are some examples!

Venetian masks are very easy to adapt to any kind of contest or need, there are masks of different shapes, colors, sizes, and ways to handle. There is always a mask for your needs!

For instance, handheld masks are masks provided with a stick which make them easier and faster to put on and off your face, so they are a practical choice if you do not intend to wear the mask all night long. It can be a very useful choice for people who wear glasses too!

Colombina with half Butterfly and Stick


The ancient mask of the Colombina, which covers only the part of the eyes, is enriched with an handle and golden metal applications that represent a butterfly wing surrounded by rhinestone expertly applied one by one by expert hands.

Another alternative for your masked party is the Venetian mask with ribbons: these masks are easy to wear and can be worn all night long with no worries about losing them. Furthermore, they let both hands-free!

Venetian masks with ribbons can be divided into two main categories: full face masks that cover your entire face and half-face masks that cover only the upper part. The first ones are perfect to completely hide your identity, while the second ones have the advantage of letting you drink, eat and chat freely.



The icon Mask of Venice, famous all over the world, it represents the essence of masking. Handmade wearable mask made of papier-mache. Original handmade product 100% Made in Italy.

Bauta Teya


The Bauta Teya, one of the most traditional and classic Venetian masks, was worn to disguise oneself and not be recognized. Very well known, one of the most famous to wear it was Giacomo Casanova.

Would you like a personalized mask according to your needs?

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