Making handmade Venetian Masks

Some our process to make unique handmade Venetian Masks

We make Venetian Masks since 1970. Only high quality products that possess the essence of Venice. These videos are a mix of working phases and images of Venice because they are both an integral part of the soul of our creations.

Handmade Venetian mask decoration

The base decoration of a mask with gold leaf. The ancient process to make unique products.

How artisanal Venetian Masks are Made

Original handmade products, decoration with non toxic paints and materials.

Creation of high quality masks in Venice

The creation of a Saamira, our model of mask in leather and ceramic to hang or in leather and papier-mâché to wear. p>

Make a Venetian mask out of a mold

Realization of the base of a Venetian mask sculpted from a handmade mold. p>

Masks to wear for men and women

Our masks are perfect as a unique and luxurious gift and ideal to wear for an elegant party or special occasion.

Our masks shop in venice

Masks made in Venice since 1970. You can find our shop with all our handmade products in the heart of the city.

Some masks shown in these videos

Plague Doctor Mask with Drawing of Doctor Itself


Plague Doctor Mask with Drawing of Doctor Itself. Decorated entirely by hand by expert decorators. Wearable mask handmade in Venice.

Saamira – Large


The biggest size of this unique and elegant mask. Expertly handcrafted leather with mastery, it is used to frame beautiful papier-mache faces and then decorated.



The icon Mask of Venice, famous all over the world, it represents the essence of masking. Handmade wearable mask made of papier-mache. Original handmade product 100% Made in Italy.

Colombina with half Butterfly and Stick


The ancient mask of the Colombina, which covers only the part of the eyes, is enriched with an handle and golden metal applications that represent a butterfly wing surrounded by rhinestone expertly applied one by one by expert hands.

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