Decorative mask in papier-mâché representing love. The art of the masks has been able to blend the passion for masks with modernity, creating a beautiful piece of furniture

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21 × 16 × 30 cm
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This mask is created by Gianni, Silvia and Roberto

Gianni is a creative mind and unstoppable forge of ideas, he founded the laboratory in 1970. Even today the "Master mask maker" creates "his" masks with the same passion and intensity. Silvia, daughter of art, she was able to stubbornly blend the tradition handed down by her parents with the characteristics of modern materials to create masks that bring tradition into the future. Roberto is committed to mixing tradition with technology and innovation in products in the manufacturing phases. A continuous search to give immortality to the masks and the art of masks making

Venetian Mask Bacio

With papier-mâché faces and a wooden base we created this work. The technique and experience in the production of ancient Venetian masks are used to create a modern and current piece of furniture. The mask has a “100% made in Italy certificate” guarantee

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