Bauta Quadri Musica Red Black


Quintessential traditional Carnival mask, here visible in red and black with stuccoes in relief and gold leaf

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This Mask is Wearable with laces
20 × 16 × 12 cm
Shipping costs are the same for one or more masks

The masks in this category are part of a selection of products made by other artisans we know and esteem. Even if they do not have the 100% Made in Italy certification and the same quality of ours, these models are a true local handicraft product, which will give you the opportunity to take home a piece of Venice, at an affordable price.

Venetian Mask Bauta Quadri Musica Red Black

The name Bauta comes from the German verb Behùten (to protect). An absolutely right name, because Bauta is a real costume designed to protect the wearer from prying eyes and to maintain anonymity.

“A dress that conceals any inequality” (cit.Lorenzetti). It was in fact worn by men and women, belonging to all social classes, from the most distinguished nobility to the most vile plebs.

A typically Venetian handmade mask, ideal to wear during the Venice Carnival or at a party.

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