Medico Della Peste Quadri Nero Rosso


Plague Doctor mask with decorations obtained thanks to golden leaf stuccos and the use of red and black colours.

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This Mask is Wearable with laces
Handmade in Venice
23 × 17 × 38 cm

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Venetian Mask Medico Della Peste Quadri Nero Rosso

Although the origin of the costume can be attributed to a 16th century Franciscan doctor, this mask is often combined with the history of Venice, particularly the tragic plague of 1630. Given the great impact of this event on the Venetians, it ofcourse had be included among the masks of the Carnival of Venice; indeed, the carnival almost exorcises its negative connotation related to the plague.

Wearable, handcrafted mask. Made in Italy.

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