Venetian Carnival Masks: Comfort and Convenience

This guest blog post was written by Justin Angelo Patulli, freelance writer and Made in Italy enthusiast.

Regardless of what time of year it is, it’s never a wrong time to start preparing for Carnival. During this festive period, there’s a vibrant atmosphere in Venice, making it essential to sport the right attire. But many of the elaborate costumes worn can be uncomfortable and expensive. Luckily, Venezia Maschere has a wide selection of high- quality masks that will more than suffice!

Whether you’re attending an extravagant ball or simply enjoying a candlelit dinner, you’ll want to opt for comfort and convenience. While full-face masks are true works of art, they can be a real hassle to wear, especially since they have to be removed when eating and drinking. It can also make it difficult to speak and socialize with others. Let’s have a look at the masks that Venezia Maschere has created to allow one to look festive while enjoying the festivities.

Colombina Fully Feathered

The Colombina Fully Feathered Mask is one of the most iconic Venetian Carnival masks. It’s also become a popular choice abroad in places like Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans. This variation of the traditional Colombina mask is elaborately enhanced through the addition of feathers. And despite its bold presence, it doesn’t impair one from wining, dining, and socializing. So if you’re not looking for understated and want to make a big impact, don’t hesitate to pick up on this mask.

Cat Crequelle Mask

The Cat Crequelle Mask is an elegant, yet playful choice. This cream-coloured mask is embellished with gold detailing and a show-stopping craquelé effect. It’s a crackling technique that gives the illusion of antiquity despite being newly handcrafted. But beyond stylish, the Cat Crequelle allows you to snack and sip on all the delights that Venice has to offer. Despite being meticulously handmade by Venetian artists, it is priced very fairly. This is an option that requires little debating!

Colombina Aurora

Another great option for someone who wants to embody the spirit of Carnival while keeping to a modest budget is the Colombina Aurora mask. This simple design is a lightweight option that mimics an Italian sunrise with its use of varying shades of orange and red. If this is your first time shopping with this brand and you’re still undecided on which mask to choose, this may be a great option for you! It’s sleek and economical, making it a safe choice for a novice customer.

If you plan on attending a Carnival event, an authentic Carnival mask is essential. And if you’re looking for something that offers comfort and convenience, you can find it here at Venezia Maschere! As I often tell consumers, do your research before purchasing a Carnival mask. This is a brand that prides itself on transparency and respecting an art form that dates back many centuries. If you haven’t bought from Venezia Maschere, don’t hesitate to give it a try today.

And remember, that even after the party is over, these masks are works of art that will surely find a perfect spot in your home!