Sara Big


Glossy Venetian mask in ceramic with pure gold baked in the oven

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17 × 27 × 7 cm
Shipping costs are the same for one or more masks

The masks in this category are part of a selection of products made by other artisans we know and esteem. Even if they do not have the 100% Made in Italy certification and the same quality of ours, these models are a true local handicraft product, which will give you the opportunity to take home a piece of Venice, at an affordable price.

Venetian Mask Sara Big

This Mask is inspired by the figure of the Venetian Ladies in the era of the “Serenissima” Republic of Venice. Vitrified ceramic mask with pure gold decorations, created entirely by hand by professional craftsmen in the Venice area. It is produced by passing through 3 different firing phases: first firing of the clay at 1050 °, second firing for the vitrification of the colors at 980 ° and finally the third firing for pure gold thus attributing a “shining” result to the ” product “. The mask is decorated and embellished by hand giving it shades of color and making it so unique. Each product is finally embellished with golden and silver glitter, offering brightness to the ornament. Each mask is entirely worked in a single Venetian workshop, thus guaranteeing the uniqueness of the made in Italy product.

Our products are unique handmade pieces therefore all the images are indicative, as well as the measurements and colors that may be subject to variations.

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