The art of making traditional metal masks in Venice

Metal mask-making comes from a very long tradition in Venice. In the “City of Water” the Venetian “botteghe” are the laboratories where still nowadays expert mask-makers, also known as“maschereri” in Venetian, carry on this art.

Find out all about Venetian metal masks! How they are made, where you can find them and how to find the perfect model for your event!

How metal masks are hand-made by Venetian mask-makers

The process of making metal masks requires very long and detailed work. It all begins with the choice of the best materials like papier-mâché to shape perfectly the face base, this is also an ideal material because it is light, breathable and skin-friendly.

The second step consists of applying different shapes of light and precious metals on the mask’s surface, according to the artisan’s creativity. The result is a delicate and intricate decoration, that is also the reason why every Venetian metal mask can be considered one of a kind!

This long tradition is still alive in Venezia Maschere production, as you can appreciate in some of our best metal masks!

Colombina with half Butterfly and Stick


The ancient mask of the Colombina, which covers only the part of the eyes, is enriched with an handle and golden metal applications that represent a butterfly wing surrounded by rhinestone expertly applied one by one by expert hands.

Volto Cigno in Metal


Papier-mache mask and metal. This spectacular mask depicting a swan gently lying on the cheek of the Venetian dogaressa almost to kiss her. “100% Made in Italy Certificate”.

Why choose 100% certified made in Italy metal masks?

Choosing a metal mask 100% certified made in Italy means you are purchasing an item of great value, which requires days, and for some masks even weeks, of work to be done.

Handcraft in Venice is a challenge and mask-makers work hard to ensure every part of the mask meets the higher standards of production. The design of every certified mask is unique and reflects the ability and creativity of mask-maker masters, who have been working in this field for generations.

Venetian original metal masks are also made of Italian materials only and all of them are non-toxic and traceable. The main advantage of adopting local high-quality materials is to obtain masks of superior quality in every single detail.

Choosing to purchase Venetian masks 100% made in Italy guaranteed means reliability in the use of materials, that is why our masks comply with the European Regulations and are skin-friendly, use non-toxic colors, and natural products.

Furthermore, Venezia Maschere is the only one in its field to have the certification “Made in Italy 100% certified”. By this, you are guaranteed that: masks are designed and hand-crafted in Italy, they are entirely produced according to traditional techniques, they are made of non-toxic and high standard materials only and the entire process is made following hygiene, healthcare and safety regulations.

Venetian metal masks: the luxury accessory for your next party!

Venetian metal masks are the perfect accessory to get yourself noticed at any party and exclusive event! Every time you wear one of these masks you can turn into everything you may wish for: a delicate figure hiding its identity from the public, or an extravagant character playing its role.

Luxury Venetian masks are perfect to give you the charm and mystery that will surround you at every event. If you’re an elegance lover, you can choose from our collection of Colombina or Butterfly masks.

If you are looking for an accessory that is the most admired and desired, you might be tempted by the collection of Full face Butterfly masks or the unique Volo Rialto mask.

Check out our collection of unique Venetian metal masks!

Volto Rialto


Mask representing Venice, depicting the Rialto Bridge and the iron prows of the gondolas. A symbiosis between art and tradition.

Small Face with two Wings in Metal and Rhinestone


The small version of the face of the papier-mache dogaressa. Realized by hand by expert decorators according to the most traditional and ancient technique of Venetian masks. Available in seven colors.