The beauty of masquerade masks for couples

Sometimes it can be hard thinking about what kind of mask could be the best choice for you, and the choice can become even harder when you have to figure out a good pair of masks for you and your partner.

That is why we would like to give you some advice to help you find some of the best Venetian mask matchings!

Why should you choose Venetian masks for couples?

The reason why you should choose a pair of Venetian masks for your couple is that they have got a timeless and unparalleled beauty.

Actually, they have been used for hundreds of years, since the traditional “Commedia dell’Arte”: the Italian “Comedy of Art”. At that time these masks were linked to a specific character who used to play a role, according to its personality.

In the centuries their shapes, features and decorations have changed, and still nowadays, Venetian artisans improve and experiment with this art, giving birth to new original creations. These new models are always hand-made following traditional techniques and materials.

Either masks coming from the tradition or new creations are beautiful and can be matched to be worn by couples, resulting in a unique and special look!

Masquerade masks for couples: how to find the perfect match!

Given the great number of Venetian masks to choose from, it might be difficult to decide which pair of masks would suit your couple better.

To help you with this choice, we would like to share with you some of the best Venetian mask matchings, according to our expert mask-makers advice.

Let’s see some of the best Venetian mask matchings!

Colombina with half Butterfly mask and Tricorno with bavero mask

The ancient mask of the Colombina was used by Venetian noblewomen to hide their identity and show their fashion and sensuality. In our opinion, the best match for this beautiful mask is the Tricorno with bavero mask! An interpretation of the classic Tricorn hat, with the face of the jester and his lapel, all in a single mask.

Colombina with half Butterfly and Stick


The ancient mask of the Colombina, which covers only the part of the eyes, is enriched with an handle and golden metal applications that represent a butterfly wing surrounded by rhinestone expertly applied one by one by expert hands.

Tricorno con bavero


An interpretation of the classic Tricorn with the face of the jester and his lapel, all in a single mask.

Dama Cappello and Jolly Tonino Bavero

Dama Cappello is the representation of a Venetian noble woman! Sometimes they used to show off hats of fine manufacture and this mask in particular is embellished with a precious hat with a romantic style and colorful flowers. Our suggestion for a perfect match with this mask is the Jolly Tonino Bavero mask! This character represents the jester who used to accompany her in all her daily chores!

Dama Cappello – Large


A wearable wonderful face of the dogaressa, embellished with a precious hat with a romantic style and colorful flowers.

Jolly Tonino Bavero – Large


Wearable handmade mask in papier-mache decorated entirely by hand by expert decorators according to the most traditional and ancient technique of Venetian masks.

Vedova Cordone and Jolly Uomo Multicolor

Vedova Cordone represents the face of the Dogaressa, the spouse of the Doge. Similar to a queen, she represented the Republic of Venice and used to accompany the Doge in public ceremonies. We would recommend for this mask, to choose her counterpart: the Jolly uomo multicolor mask! This is the mask which in the image represents the doge, the head of the Most Serene Republic! These masks together represent the most important and noble figures of Venice!

Vedova Cordone


The true face of the dogaressa transferred to the papier-mache and handed down over the years by the masked masters to us. 100% Made in Italy.

Jolly Uomo Multicolor with Eleven Tips – Large


Jolly wearable multicolor mask with masculine face in papier-mâché. Enriched with eleven folded paper tips.

Venetian masks for couples: celebrate your next masquerade event with your soulmate!

There is nothing better than sharing a moment of authentic passion and fun with those we love, and what better occasion than a masquerade event? You and your partner can wear a beautiful Venetian mask and hide your identity!

You will be the center of attention for the charm and sense of mystery the mask gives you!

Venetian masks are truly the perfect accessory for any kind of masquerade event you are going to attend with your partner. You can wear it for your masquerade wedding, for a masquerade ball, to have fun at a party. They are also perfect to celebrate Halloween, New Year’sEve, Venice Carnival and many other occasions!

Have a look at our collections of wearable masks and find your favorite model!