Why are masks popular in Venice?

The masks are part of the Venetian tradition. They are rooted in the territory and culture because they represent a part of the development and history of the Serenissima Republic. The masks are the symbol of freedom and transgression, they level social categories and add charm and mystery to the wearer.

For a certain time of the year (the carnival authorized by the Doge), the Venetians and foreigners (Venice was a thriving center of trade exchange through navigation), men and women, the poor and the rich all became equal wearing a mask.


Here a selection of some of our best venetian masks:



The icon Mask of Venice, famous all over the world, it represents the essence of masking. Handmade wearable mask made of papier-mache. Original handmade product 100% Made in Italy.

Giada – Medium


Venetian Mask in Ceramic. Hand painted and realized according with the original Venentian tradition. 100% Made in Italy

Tricorno con bavero


An interpretation of the classic Tricorn with the face of the jester and his lapel, all in a single mask.

Sole Luna Accademia – Medium


The medium version of this impossible but beautiful love.